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Jean - Lady Bird Deeds don't work in all states. And they don't work for Medicaid MERP (after death estate recovery) avoidance except for a few states - FL, OH, MI, TX and maybe a couple more. This is kinda your first step to find out.

So if you and the property owner and property are all in TX, then you can do one. Lady Bird is an ENHANCED LIFE ESTATE DEED and the critical issue is that it clearly reads that the grantor can sell, mortgage or give the property without the beneficiaries knowledge or permission. How the estate is described is really critical to having it work to be valid & avoid probate. You really should have an attorney who understands how a Lady Bird works under your states law do the paperwork.
If you can't afford one, then contact whatever law school is closest to you to see when they have law clinics to do this for you. Again, the wording is kinda state specific for Lady to work and often the on-line stuff is just to general for the specifics the individual state requires.

I'm assuming your wanting to do this is to avoid probate?
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