Where to get pneumatic cylinder for an Uplift seat assist?

I bought a Uplift seat assist for grandma years ago. Lately she hasn't been able to get up using it like she used to. I've cranked the setting all the way up but I think the pneumatic cylinder is worn. I tried sitting on it and it's not as firm as I remember. Does anyone know where to get a replacement cylinder?

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I would check with the manufacturer or whoever you bought it from, I imagine it needs to be specifically made for the lift system or it won't fit. It might be easier and not much more expensive to just get a completely new one though.
Thanks. I'll do that once they are back from Christmas. I doubt it's specialized. Most things these days are not. There's simply no reason to since the variety of off the shelf parts is so large these days. I've looked at it and it seems fairly standard. There's probably some pneumatic cylinder maker in China that makes all these things in different sizes and strengths. If I knew the specs I can probably find it on Aliexpress. I was just hoping that someone else has replaced it and thus knew specifically where to get one.

But you are probably right. It might just be better to buy a new one. I would imagine the company would charge a huge markup on the part if I bought it from them. I needed an electric motor for a scooter that broke. The company wanted $300 for it. I found the exact same motor from the Chinese manufacturer they got it from. Cost me $100.
Husband Aunt had a lift chair that the motor went. Other Aunt got the chair when sister passed, called the manufacturer and they replaced the motor. Lazy Boy has a lifetime warranty. I would check it out.
You may find one for parts on Ebay

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