I am on disability and I have a lot of problems with my legs and back I have started injections and I walk with a cane, I am also on disability and i am trying to find who i need to speak with to get home health care. I was told to contact you.

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There's is probably a Senior services agency in your area. You should contact them. If you're not a senior then you can contact the local social services office. The are adds on this site for company's that can refer you to help in your area. You might qualify for social security disability.
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Missy, this is an online forum with a lot of knowledgable posters who make good suggestions and recommendations. But no one can make contacts on your behalf to get home care for you.

Are you referring to paid home health care, which is health care in that it helps with difficult chores, but doesn't provide medical care as such. Types of chore would be assistance with meal prep, dressing, ADLs, cleaning, etc If so, there are a lot of agencies and some private individuals who do this.

You'll have to contact the agencies, ask about their services, qualifications, whether staff are bonded, etc. You might also be able to locate someone to provide the services without agency involvement, but there are liability and tax issues involved with this approach. The local Area Agency on Aging and sometimes specific health groups (such as the Alzheimer's Group) have lists of agencies to provide, but you'll have to do the background research and make the final determination yourself.

Alternately, if the services you need are medical rather than home care and chore type services, you'll need a script from one of your doctors to order that care. You still have a choice of an agency to provide the medical care.
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