The type of attorney of interest is all I am named as beneficiary, on most documents of financial & medical, but was told I need a DPOA.

Your profile indicates you're caring for a friend, with Alz/dementia.    Has he been tested to determine the stage of his dementia, and if he's still able to execute legal documents?   That's the biggest consideration.

But first, what is the purpose for an attorney?  For end of life, proxy (power of attorney) documents, or something unrelated to the typical documents executed for care?    If you're looking for an attorney for a contested issue, that's an entirely different story.   The plans for the attorney's involvement dictate the type of attorney.

However, if your friend is no longer able to comprehend and execute legal documents, and you don't have any authority pursuant to documents that have already been executed, and/or the issues are unrelated to these kinds of documents, you might have to pursue a different approach.

So, please tell us the purpose for an attorney.  That ddetermines the type of attorney and the practice area you need.
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If your friend has a medical diagnosis of incapacity, he/she can no longer create a DPOA. If your question is about managing their affairs on their behalf, and your friend can no longer legally create the necessary documents, then you (or someone) must pursue guardianship, an expensive process that goes through the court system. If this isn't pursued by a trusted LO, then eventually the county may need to get guardianship in order for your friend's care and affairs to be managed, especially if your friend needs facility care, which is very expensive. Your friend is only 72 so seems like he/she will definitely need management for many years to come. Please provide more information if we have not answered your question.
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