I am curious. What exactly is adult day care. I do not have any “centers” in our area. What I found was that there was a four hour program at the local hospital that has since been cancelled. I recently found out that some of the adult foster homes have day care available but I won’t be able to find out the openings list until the end of this week. My other option is that I am going to start talking to respite providers to find out if they do care in my home or if some of them do care in their home. Not only is it time consuming to take care of mom but it is very time consuming to do all of this stuff.
My mom is in the early/middle stages of dementia. Some days she seems “normal” and remembers things, other times she is in repeat mode.
I’ve read that quite a few of you take your care recipient to adult day care. Where do you take them? How did you introduce it to them? Do they like it?

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