Lolarod68, I also recommend "Elder Law Attorney" as they specialize all things regarding elder law, plus in the future if the person needs to apply for Medicaid [which is different form Medicare], the same attorney are help you through that maze.

A Living Will/Medical Directive, Power of Attorney, and maybe even a Revocable Trust are not a do-it-yourself project. All it takes is one misplaced or left out word to create all types of difficulties.

Ages ago I use to work in a law office, and I wouldn't even think of creating my own Will or Power of Attorney, you need a qualified expert who deals with this on a specialized basis, and knows the current laws and laws pending in your State.

To find an Elder Law Attorney in your State, scroll down to the bottom of this screen and click on ELDER LAW ATTORNEYS, then follow the prompts. That is how I found the Elder Law attorney I am using, and had directed my elderly parents to see as their Will and POA were older than dirt and filled with landminds.
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If you don't have a complicated situation with properties, investments, etc. then makes sense. They have all the main stuff you need specific for every state, with explanations. Templates to fill out and different levels of live help that you can purchase, or no help at all. I helped my mom do her durable PoA, will, health directive, etc.
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An elder law attorney.
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