We r a forum of mostly inexperienced Caregivers usually thrown into caring for a family member. We try to help each other.

This is not a Care Agency. We don't have aides for hire.

My suggestion would be in calling your Office of Aging and see what resources are in your area. There is Medicaid in home if you financially qualify. There should be a County Disabilities dept that maybe able to help you.
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Do you have anyone that you have appointed to help you out? Family? Trusted friend?
Have you talked to them and have they expressed concern for your safety?
continuing Care Communities are wonderful in that you can enter into Independent Living then as your needs change you can get help by moving to Assisted Living then if need be either Memory Care or Skilled Nursing is available.
There is a cost to these.
You can also look into hiring a caregiver. You can set the hours that you need someone. If you only need someone in the morning to help you get started then you can have someone just in the morning for 1 or 2 hours, more if you want. You get to set the hours. Or you can have someone "live in"
There are also "Group homes"
It is up to you to determine how much help you need and when.
Interview a few agencies and see what the options are.
If you haven't yet it might be a good idea to schedule time with an Elder Care Attorney so that you can set up all the papers you will need so if the time comes when you have to rely on someone they will have the tools they need to help you
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Looking at your profile, it seems you may need an AL facility for your safety. There are places that allow you to stay independant that are not locked down. Meals would be prepared. Assistance with bathing are provided. Activities in the facility helps you to socialize. If you can still manage the dogs, some places allow you to kept them provided your apartment is close to outdoors
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You mean on this aging care site?
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Not sure what your question is. Can you elaborate?
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