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If you aren’t looking to go through an agency, you could post ads on Craigslist and Indeed, I see them there all the time.
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I think your profile mentions you are looking for overnight caregivers

I’ve used an agency but it is expensive

if you hire on your own then legally you are responsible for social security and workers comp

if you try under the table, then you could get lucky but that’s a 100 to 1 shot in my opinion

look at sites like
ask at the local senior center or church

housekeepers often look for caregiving jobs

whatever you decide you’ll need a backup plan for no-shows and such

caregivers have emergencies and get sick too
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freqflyer Dec 2018
When I view Bmalone's profile, it is blank.... am I missing something?
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Bmalone, we need more information, not quite sure what you are asking?

Are you looking to see if there is some way the elder can obtain funds to pay for an overnight caregiver? If that is your question, then the answer is no. Private caregivers are self-pay by the patient or his/her family.

Or are you looking for work as a caregiver to work overnight shifts? If that is your question, call the private caregiver Agencies.
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