There are no "rules" that define what a health care provider is.
A "health care provider" can be a medical professional like a doctor or nurse or a technician. A "caregiver" might classify them selves as a health care provider.
If a Caregiver wishes to do more they can become certified as a CNA. (Certified Nurses Assistant) sometimes the certification is a HHA (Home Health Aid)
This is a brief course that many Local Community Colleges offer as well as private institutions.
Some agencies will hire people that are not certified and when you become certified you would be more valuable to the agency and be able to get paid more. Or you could choose to work in a facility or work privately.
There is a need for good Caregivers now and one that has Certification would be in demand.
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If you are referring about POA, HPOA then you see a lawyer. If you are looking to get paid your chances are slim to non as a spouse as the vast majority are paid by the person. You should check with your local social services to see if the state of New York can provide some support such as a few hours a week so you can get out of the house.
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Okie, not a site here that hires care givers. You should investigate becoming a caregiver in your own area. Some States actually provide free CNA classes; they can be a great way to get the knowledge to start. We are going to need more and more caregivers for in home and facilities going forward. I started there and worked through LVN on up to RN over two decades. You can do that, too. Wishing you good luck. And stick around on the Forum site; there's a lot you can learn here.
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