She needs a someone to manage her financial affairs. She has issues with trust and currently believes someone unknown to any of us has taken money from one of her accounts. She lives alone with some help coming in if she has leg wounds that need attention. She does have a young Ukrainian family renting her basement suite. She finally stopped driving but still has her license. She has trouble getting to appointments. Her neighbours and acquaintances call with concerns about her physical stability and property managment. Bills are not being paid on time, resulting in services being cut off.

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You have great advice below, but she is now a sitting duck for fraud, and she is also, it sounds, not good on her feet and could be in grave danger. Is there a POA involved here? If so a trip is in order to get things into place, paperwork while you are able, check up and talk with the MD. This is a woman in grave danger. If she has a bank call the Money Manager or the bank officer to ask if there are trusted fiduciaries in the area. I know in the general Palm Springs area, when my brother first fell ill, we easily got a list of four in the area from a Social Worker; the bank was helpful with suggestions as well. But I think you are looking at general management needed here, and fairly quickly.
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Call the Area Agency on Aging for info on all sorts of resources.
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I am in Canada too but a quick google search found; I woudl give them a call and ask for help.

Here is another organization to call;
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