Where do go to get help fora 78 yr. old female who is paranoid and refuses to believe they have a problem. My mom is paranoid and believes where ever she lives that people come into her home steal from her. They steal things like her frozen shrimp and half used bottles of Neosporin, her underwear, and anything else she cannot find. This has been going for several years now. She lived with us for awhile and thought we stole from her as well. Everything she thought we took we found in her bedroom and showed her but she still refused to believe she was wrong in her accusations. My heart breaks to think she feels unsafe. She won't believe she has a problem and therefore won't go to a doctor. Please help me I do not know what to do or where to go to find help.

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Has your mother ever seen anyone about her condition? Has she been evaluated for dementia? There may be other things that cause her behaviors including chronic UTIs, medication interactions, and even diet. She really needs to get evaluated because what she is doing is not normal and it is causing her body to be stressed.
Is she living in her own apartment or at an ALF? If she is in a facility it may be easier to find a doctor or nurse practioner to come in to speak with her.
Do you feel that she is unsafe in her current home? or just feels unsafe? Other than the feeling that things are missing, is she otherwise happy where she is? If so, I would just live with her condition and try to "deflect" (ie: change the subject) when she starts about people stealing. You will never convince her otherwise, so there is no use in trying to get her to face reality.
The other thing you could do is to ask a friend or other family member to intervene to get her to go to the doctor. She must know that something is not right and fears the diagnosis.
Good luck...Lilli
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