My husband with Alzheimer's served during the Vietnam war, but was not stationed overseas. Is there help getting info?

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helping22, scroll down to the bottom of this page to the blue section. On the far bottom right you will see VETERANS BENEFITS.... click on that to see various articles that also will be a good starting point.
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Helping, are you in contact with your local VA already? They can partner you with a local volunteer (e.g. From VFW or like) who can help you navigate the VA. Your husband does not have to have been in combat to qualify for Aid and Attendance, just needs to have served during wartime. There's also benefits like Home Based Primary Care which might help your husband if he has a hard time getting out. 

The VA's website improved dramatically over the course of the Obama administration. Several years ago it wasn't much help but now you can find a lot more info. They have special pages just for senior/geriatric care. 

There are VA nursing homes but not that many of them. Some Assisted Living facilities offer better rates for vets.  If he qualifies for VA Aid and Attendance you can put that toward a number of things such as in home caregivers or assisted living if you are ready for that. 

If you haven't done so already, contacting your Area Agency on Aging can be very helpful. At ours, a few of the ladies had loved ones who were vets and gave us helpful advice, in addition to their focus which was partnering needy seniors with local services and programs.  

I hope this helps some. The VA can be confusing find frustrating; if you run into any road blocks keep trying.  Good luck with this! 
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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