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Whoa - let's approach the root issue, not opening her mouth to eat. When a person approaches death, eating causes more internal distress since the body can't digest. If that's the case, then call hospice. If the person is physically unable to eat, and mouth feeding is the only option besides the invasive procedure to put food directly into the stomach (PEG), I would think twice before force feeding. There's a wonderful book, Being Mortal by Dr. Atul Gwande, which describes the cascade of interventions caused by the decision to force feed and other end of life decisions. If it were me, I'd want you to let me go gently into the night and not force feed me. I won't suffer hunger but for a few hours and then I would no longer have that sensation. I would be able to pass gently without stomach pains.
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Are you certain it is the texture that is the problem if she won't open her mouth, or are you saying she is refusing the baby foods? Baby foods are not seasoned nor do they have flavours and varieties that appeal to an adult palate, you would be much better off primarily focusing on foods that already have a smooth texture - cream soups, mashed potatoes, cream of wheat or oatmeal, custards, yogurts and puddings... that's just off the top of my head. Unless she has been evaluated by a speech and language pathologist or other trained professional as needing a smooth, total puree you can probable adequately puree most stews, pasta casseroles, chili etc with a good stick blender, or you could invest in some of the blenders geared toward the smoothie market (ninja, bullet) to whiz smaller portions of almost anything. Which reminds me - don't forget smoothies, there are soooo many recipes available and can be a great source of calories and nutrients.
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I used to make baby food in a blender. That is exactly how cooks do it in hospitals. You have to add some extra fluid to the mixture to thin it down
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