Our mom is is an independent place (continuing care) and she has an 'accident' last week and 'the place' wants to move her to assisted living or have 24x7 care.

We realize she will need more help and would like to explore 8 hours/day of care before she moves to AL.

We are trying to come up with a 'CARE Plan' Do you have samples? What to include/what not to include? We want to provide safety (not 24x7) and dignity and want to work with 'the place'.

Any thoughts? And also, links to sample CARE plans would be great!


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You may want to figure the cost of a private Caregiver first. It may cost as much or more than just switching her to an AL. With private pay your are dealing with people who have lives outside of their jobs. They get sick, child gets sick, emergencies or just people who don't do their jobs. Come late, leave early. With an AL she will get 24/7care. Hiring privately maybe cheaper but ur now an employer and as such need to deduct taxes and SS from the persons pay. Agencies will cost more than private pay but they are the employer not u.

Ex: Cost an hr is $20 x 8 hrs a day=160 a day x 5 days a week=800 a week x 4 weeks= $3200 a month and all the hassle that goes with it. Would it be that much more to just transfer her to the AL? And I am probably conservative on my figures.
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The care agency usually has a process where their intake officer (or whatever they call it) comes to meet your Mother. Usually a relative would be in attendance too (to help collaborate). They will ask many questions to assess activities of daily living (ADLs). These will show what she is independent with, what she needs supervision with & what she needs full assistance with.

Another way would be to arrange an OT functional assessment.
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Start here

Then search this site for threads that discuss care plans. Google, too, will work for that.
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