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There are plenty of facilities that take the Medi-cal assisted living waiver. Sacramento county is one of the counties that has the AL waiver. You will need to apply for the waiver. Her medi-cal health insurance doesn’t pay for assisted living. To be honest I am not sure how the department of social services is operating right now but that’s exactly where you need to go for help. Your sister should have a case worker already assigned to her. DSS can help you apply for the waiver and get her on the wait list if there is one. I am not sure if DSS offices are operating normally though but again, contact your local DSS office in Sacramento, that’s where you apply for the waiver. They can also give you a list of all the local facilities that are approved to accept the waiver. They can tell about all of the various financial help available in your county too because your sister SS and the waiver may not cover the full cost of the AL. Good luck!
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JoAnn29 Mar 29, 2020
Need Worried involved here. MediCal may for an AL.
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I will honestly be surprised if there is such a facility. Assisted living is quite costly in most areas. I hope others have better ideas if some exist.
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