I don't know if anyone can help me with this question. I don't like to waste anything. I have to cath my husband every 4 to 6 hours. Well, last month the urologist changed my husband's catheter prescription to a different one. My husband can no longer use the caths from the previous prescription. So, now we have all the catheters he can no longer use. They're brand new. Still in the packages. I called my husband's urologist office, but no one returned my call. I understand everyone is concerned about covid, but we don't have covid. I would love to get these caths to someone that can use them. Is there somewhere I can donate them or something?

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Aw, sorry I didn't see this until now, but I've already donated them to someone. Bless you Castone!🌞
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I’d love to have them for my 90 year
old dad. What size and brand are they?
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Prior to Covid, I know that most Hospice agencies accepted donations, along with Senior Services. Both required that the items be new, and still in their packaging. You can check with them and see if things have loosened up a bit, as far as them accepting donations. Also if you have a local caregivers support group, you can check with others there, to see if anyone would need them. That's what I did after my husband died, and several of the folks were delighted to get some items for free.
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SylviaT Feb 19, 2021
Thank you for the info.
I belonged to a new caregiver group before covid. We're still not meeting because of covid.
The caths are still in their original packaging. I hate to waste but if I don't find someone or somewhere soon, I will be trashing them. I can't continue keep somethimg that is cluttering the house that my husband no longer needs. He gets a shipment every month of his new prescription caths, so I have to have space for them.
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