My moms caregiver who is 58 and is brainwashing my brother to move my mom into her and her 80 year old husband's house. My brother is her legal guardianship. My sisters and I do not want this. I have a suspicion she not a certified caregiver and want to find this out. I live in Michigan.

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luv2015, you asked some good questions. Don't be surprised if the caregiver isn't licensed or certified. Some work as adult babysitters thus no license or certification paperwork is needed.

If the woman was from a licensed caregiver Agency where the employees are vetted, working with a licensed, insured, bonded agency, that would be different. One thing I recently found out, said employees need to be up-to-date on their TB tests and flu shots.

I wouldn't have the warm fuzzies if a caregiver wanted either of my parents to move in with them. And do you know if the caregiver's husband is mobile and clear minded, or does he also need major caregiving help. It would be difficult for the caregiver to take care of two patients, and she probably would choose her hubby over your mother.

You and your sisters need to "brainwash" your brother out of this idea.
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I don't know offhand but you could contact the Area Agency on Aging, or perhaps the Elder Law of Michigan agency in Lansing and ask them what entity licenses caregivers.

However, I think you have a bigger problem than just the licensing issue. A caregiver attempting to influence someone to move her "client" into a home which a 58 year old woman shares with her 80 year old husband has more on her mind than just caring. Think $$$ and control, manipulation probably as well.

Does she have any other "borders" in this house? I can't imagine anyone caring for an 80 year old husband as well as someone else's mother.

Why is your brother allowing himself to be influenced by this woman? If he's that susceptible, you need to contact the court and petition for another guardian, likely someone independent, assuming your brother will challenge your petition.

Your sisters and you need to act quickly. I would also recommend that you see an elder law attorney for a one-time consultation on what other options are, such as getting a TRO (temporary restraining order) against her pending results of a guardianship evaluation.

BTW, who hired this woman? Was she vetted at all?
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