My mother is 88 years old, has not been able to walk for 2 years now. She had
therapy years ago, but the therapist discontinued because he said she is not making any progress.

She is now in a nursing home and for over a year she has not been able to walk on her own, nor stand on her own. She has had a few falls since in this new nursing home and they have called me about giving her therapy to see if they can strengthen her legs so that they won't have so much difficulty when transfering her.

I told them I believe it's too late to see any type of improvement in her ability to stand or strengthen her legs. Don't you agree that there is a time to stop giving unnecessary treatment to an elderly patient?

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I don't think she will get any strength back, but the PT might prevent painful muscle contractions. I would ask what the goals are and expect a weekly update on progress.
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That is a tricky question but I do not believe that unnecessary treatments or medications should be given to anyone. I personally do not feel that therapy is an unnecessary treatment. I think that therapy sessions are too short to begin with. Most of these people sit around and without exercise become completely immobile and hold excess calories leading to weight gain. Even if the legs cannot be strengthened, maybe strengthing her upper body will help.
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