i have just hired a caregiver for my husband to help me out. we are both 76 and my husband had a bad stroke 11 years ago. he is paralyzed on his right side and cannot talk. he understands me i think. i hired the caregiver to help me get him up and dressed and fed in morning . she comes 3 hrs a day 7 days a week. this is helping me get out of my depression and i am beginning to feel better . my questiion now is i don't ever see the caregiver wash her hands before working with my husband? she comes over when she is sick? she isn't able to shave him? she is a very nice person b ut should i be looking for a more qualified person that could help him with some of his exercizes . i have asked her if she would work with him on some and she listens but i haven't seen her do anything yet.

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Does she come from an agency? Then you work through the agency. If she is self-employed, you will just have to work it through with her or make a change (I know that is hard, so I'd try working with her if you otherwise like her). Washing hands is only professional and she should be doing that. It will be your choice about balance -good vs. bad service.
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