My Mom has lived with me for a few years now. Her health keeps declining, limited mobility, chronic pain, etc. She is is depressed often, sometimes hateful. It effects my teen son & myself sometimes. I haven't gave up yet, I keep trying to help. This month getting her a memory foam mattress, hoping it will help her pain & a motorized wheel chair. Just wondering how you know when you need nursing home help.

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WOW it sounds like both of you have your hands full. Finances are always a question but having some help at home may enable you to keep your Moms with you longer. BUT with personal health issues, and teenagers the time may be NOW Dawn. Interim steps are adult day care centers a few times each week. OR Companions/caregivers for part of each day. I think too many of us think that we should do it all at home. I have my Mom at an AL (memory care). Today, some children from the local school came and sang friendship type songs for Valentine's day. They had a party in the afternoon, etc. I could never do those things for her at home. So when I visit (just about daily) I can supplement the caregiving and visit with her. Otherwise, it's all chores and that isn't fun for anyone, and can lead to a high degree of resentment. And if you have children at home, and you are stressed all the time, that can't be healthy either. Good luck.
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Wow, I was just asking the very same thing. Yesterday I woke up to a pile of poop my Mom did in her bedroom and was sitting there like everything was just fine. The SMELL was so bad my nose hairs are gone now. She still had enough mind to pull down her diaper pants though. Today she took a hand towel and mind you, I had my eyes off of her for only 2 minutes, and shoved it inside her underwear and pushed the corner of the towel up into her private areas. There is not enough bleach in this world. I am at my wits end now. So I am awaiting responses here. I am guessing when would be the right time is before you lose your mind.
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