When should I expect a care plan meeting with a rehab? Dad has been here 2 weeks transferred from hospital and I've been asking since then. I've started making a list of the personnel and notes on conversations. This can't be normal.

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Hi @SherBear714, I feel for you so much as I am right there with you in terms of dealing with rehab centers/hospitals/ for my mom and communication has been next to impossible.

Have you asked to speak with a case worker directly? Is the rehab center part of a larger corporation with a hotline? For one of my mom's rehab stays, the only way I'd get any action was by calling the corporate hotline and telling them exactly what I needed. Another route that's been useful for me, is calling any other department and getting them to transfer me directly. One thing I wish I was better at: just before they transfer you to someone's you need to speak with, ask for that person's extension number and name. When you inevitably get disconnected, might be easier to bypass all the transfers and get back to that person.

Another option, and I didn't know this was an option until now, maybe try and see if your dad's health insurance company has a social worker? My mom is on ACA insurer and I've been working with their case worker too, to get some idea of what comes next.

I'm two months into this thing, finally bringing my mom back home. It feels like a full-time job and I'm afraid these companies are simultaneously understaffed (and nurses underpaid), and purposely difficult to communicate with.
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Within the first week. They waited 2 wks foe mine and Mom hadn't got one of her meds.
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Im going to bump this up so people see it.
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