My mom ( uterine ca plus Alzheimer's ) 5'7" weight= 102 , has no pain, bleeding, and sleeps 90% . Labs WNL. She has a DNR. She said " If I don't eat, don't feed me." We have to wake her up to help her eat . She eats very little and loosing 10lb over the past 2 months. Becoming weaker and uses a walker to visit a neighbor down the block with supervision of caretakers. Gets SOB with walking and usually sits down after 15 steps. Had a syncopal episode in church once and they gave her OJ and then continued. She does not want any more tests done except blood test which are WNL--- even though she is vaginal bleeding serosanginous fluid. Has had endometrial cancer dx 5 years ago and recurred 2 years ago. Now refusing tx. Unable to preform ADLs by herself due to Alzheimer/dementia. Denies pain. Takes a blood pressure med, thyroid med, and memory patch.

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You can also call a hospice provider to come to the house and do an assessment on your mom.
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Is your Mom still competent to discuss the possibility of Hospice? It sounds like she has decided to accept the end of life. Hospice is usually ordered by the treating doc if it appears there is 6 months or less of life expectancy. This should be discussed with your mother and her doc to see if it's appropriate for her at this time.
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