My mom can leave her Memory Care facility for day outings with me or the center's group outings.

It depends on the person. I stopped day trips for my mom because she became so confused and agitated. Mobility was also an issue on some trips.
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It depends on the person. My mom had been in the SNF for about a year, with dementia. We would be out of town for Thanksgiving, so I asked a friend of her’s if my mom could join them for the holiday. Absolutely worst decision I ever made. She was anxious and confused and two days later, wound up being 911-ed for chest pains. Same thing happened when I took her to the dentist.

They wont deny you to take her out unless there is an order that she can’t go with you. But, if she is one of those who cries constantly about wanting to “go home”, make sure you can get her back to the facility without causing her anxiety.
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I see Residents leaving SNF for outings with family where my mom is. In fact, the Residents go on group outings. My mom goes on the group outings. They usually go for lunch or a ride to see the town or Christmas lights . I don’t take her out, I cannot lift her, and she doesn’t like being away from her friends.
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