Several times a year my 97 year old mom falls, trips, or hurts herself in other ways, and is barely able to get up, if at all, and do things for herself. She has medicate and Tricare. I live with her in Florida and I’m on disability. Our combined income is @ $3000. When she gets hurt, it puts a huge burden on me, because I have serious health problems and have a difficult time getting around and taking care of everything. Would MEDICARE or Tricare or Medicaid pay for someone to come help her, and if so, what’s the maximum visits per day or week? I’m desperate to know because I just spent 6 weeks waiting on her constantly at my own health’s expense. Every time this happens (several times a year) the mental and physical stress and strain wipes me out and I’m barely able to take care of myself, and suffer setbacks. I’m ruining my own health to help mom and it’s not a good situation. Thank you for any info anyone can provide.

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Why aren't you looking into facility care?

What are mom's needs and what are her resources? Can you ask her doctor to order an evaluation by an OT or PT to come into the home and figure out why she's falling? Is she using a walker consistently?

Have you asked her doctor to script home care?
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