Mom's condition has taken a sudden downturn, and is dying (we don't expect her to see 2019). I realize that though all her affairs are in order, I've kinda neglected mine. I gave up my job, apartment and sold furniture and such using the funds to make the move and pay off debt. Her retirement/pension pays rent/household expenses so when she's gone, I'll have no income as I'm a few years shy of retirement.
What do I do?!

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The Department of Elder Affairs has an Elder Helpline telephone number, and recommends that family caregivers call that if they need advice and help with accessing the various support packages that are available.

I have an uncomfortable feeling that most of the support would have been simply marvellous if you'd known about it two years ago...

But. If you don't ask, you don't get; and there may be support for people transitioning from caregiving back to... I was going to say reality, but you know what I mean. Back to whatever normal life is going to look like when you get there. Believe me, I do sympathise and my heart is in my mouth for you. It's very frightening.

And if there *isn't* any formal support as things are, perhaps this is a problem we ought to be highlighting.

How do you get on with your landlord?
Have you looked at your local job market?
Do you have any kind of social or informal support network?
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You say “we”, so I’m assuming there are other sibs or relatives. You probably took quite the responsibility off of them by giving everything up and caring for her. So, can you call in a few markers and stay with one of them until all is settled? Is there money enough to pay the expenses for the house if needs be?

We were in desperate need of money. I used to be a preschool teacher, so when I realized I’d have to go back to work at the age of 64, that’s where I looked. I currently am working in a childcare center. It’s not fun very often. I’m too old and I’d rather be home, but I did what I had to do. Start planning now. Look out for your own self. No one else will.
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Is there a will and who benefits from it?

Do she she rent or own the home?

What assets are there and who gets them?

Start looking for a job to start in January or later. Do you want to stay in this city or move to another?

It will take time to settle the estate, who is the Executor?
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