Back in 2009 my sister and brother did my mother wrong. The paper my mom signed she thought was a Medical POA back in 2006 I think it was that my sister kept talking her into doing, it turned out it was a Durable POA. I never knew she had signed that paper until she called me one day to pick her up in a place my brother and sister talked her into after my dad passed away in 2009. My mom went to visit my sister and told me she was coming back. I thought she was going back and forth to their house just visiting. But she called & said they told her not to tell me where she was and not to call. She asked me to come get her which was over a hour 1 way. I found her and took her to an attorney. I picked up my mother on June 18, 2009. They cancelled the POA but it was to late they had taken her money that was in CD's in all of our names that was $170,000.00. They had transferred her home and land into an irrevocable trust, made themselves fiduciaries, and beneficiaries and my dad and I was left a $1.00. But my dad had passed a few days before my mom went to visit. My mom hired multiple attorneys, and lost the case eventually after spending a lot of $ toward paying them. From June 18th I have taken care of my mom All this time I was taking care of my mom without help from them. I had always worked but could not now since my mom needed help. My brother and sister send $33.00 quarterly to her they say from interest of the money. I sacrificed my life to help her. From June 2009 until the day my mom broke her hip in March 2015. She had to go into hospital had to have a heart procedure before the hip replacement because she needed more blood flow to the hip to do the surgery. I was so scared. My mom is 99 years old right now and this surgery happened 2 years ago. She caught C-Diff in hospital, I was with her all the time even in quarantine. She had to go to Nursing home rehab. I was with her every day & night going back and forth. Medicare covered 1st 20 or 21 days then if you have a supplement that should help further after those 20 days, but her plan did not cover skilled nursing. I had to pay $ 157.50 each day after the 20 or 21st day. This was very expensive, I didn't know about Medicaid circumstances and she ended up leaving at the end of July. So after sometime in April, I had to start paying $157.50 a day thru July. So for 31 days in a month the bill was $4,882.50. So I had to pay the rest of April, then May, June and July. After 100 days the daily fee is higher and you pay supplies each day also which we had to do. So this was very unexpected. There are rules you have to abide by to get the right supplemental plan after a certain period of time. My mom had to leave the rehab. , I had fell during the time she was in rehab and hurt my right hip and right knee, I could not do what all I had done for my mother before. I had to get an assisted living. I had sent bills to my brother and sister and their lawyer but they ignored all the bills from the Rehab I sent. My mother had cashed in her Life ins and had it put in a CD at sometime previous years to make more on CD's. She wanted to go to the funeral home and set up arrangements. We sent the paperwork from the funeral home for costs to them that my mom wanted to them to pay in advance and they ignored it. She wanted it paid in advance because it goes up each year. They have not paid that in advance either. They never have sent a birthday card, Mother's Day card, Christmas card, nothing since I picked her up in June 2009. My mother has become weaker and is in a wheelchair and I am afraid of what may happen. I do my best. Her pull ups are high, briefs are high, pads are high, I have to buy the nitrile gloves also. All personal items, clothes, shoes, Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, Listerine. Gas to the doctors, yogurt to keep her healthy inside. I roll her hair every night, I wash her clothes instead of the assisted living to keep them in order and not lost or faded. , I need help. When would the look back on Medicaid start. I have not filed to get it because I read her social security check was over the amount required that Medicaid allows. I have been paying her AARP $284.00 a month her RX plan alone without meds is $50.70 a month the medicines at the assist living pharmacy they use runs about $70 a month. The required Medicaid cut off isn't that much less than what her check is. She needs to go to the dentist and to the ophthalmologist and wants new glasses and I am 66 years old and can't survive myself. The assisted living is not cheap. I am paying out of my own money. Plus more. My mom broke her hip 2 years ago in 2015, she had hip surgery replacement and had to have a heart procedure 1st to get enough blood flow to hip to have hip replacement she is 99 years old . I have been paying these bills, she only get her social security check, the QUARTERLY $33 & $ 20 monthly. I went to DDS & they didn't know what to do?? I said isn't there a program?

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If mom applied for Medicaid today, look back would extend to Sept 2012. So whatever convoluted mess with finances you all have from 2009..... will not be a factor for her eligibility.

Medicaid income limit varies by state. Most have it at around $ 2100. Info as to the specifics should be on your states DHHS website. If all her income is from SSA & it’s over the state limit, she can do a Miller trust to become within limits. Miller really is not a DIY, so mom will need an atty.

Personally with all that’s going on, I’d try to get mom into a NH and forget about AL. Realize that once she goes into a NH & onto Medicaid, basically all her SS income has to be paid to the NH as the required by Medicaid copay. But Medicaid will cover all her medical copays (physicians, nursing, therapists), her medications, plus the room & board at the NH. There will not be any more supplemental or gap plans with Medicare to deal with or pay for anymore. You should really not be paying any more of her expenses (by & large) and draining your own finances.

So you are paying for all sorts of moms expenses personally, right? Please pls keep in mind that Medicaid tends through view whatever family does or spends for their elder as done out of a sense of family duty & for free. If family is wanting or needing to be reimbursed, there would need to be a personal care contract or some sort of promissory note/memo of understanding being done in advance with signatures, notarized, etc. with a tangible asset used as collateral for note. My experienced is that even then it will be hard to get cleared by Medicaid within the application process.
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To answer the Look back question, it starts when you apply
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