My mother's present AL is not for profit. Instead of having taking Medicaid they offer a plan called benevolence. We are still away from her spend down. This benevolence works for both the AL facility as well as the NH. It does depend on available funds. I am hoping I can rely on this as she will have had years of private pay. I plan to speak to the person in charge in the near future. I would hope I would not have to move her as she has acclimated fairly well.
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I agree with the prior answer: you start now (actually the time to start is well before Medicaid is actually needed). It may be worth a consultation with an elder law attorney to discuss whether Mom is currently eligible and, if not, whether it makes sense to engage in planning to save what little assets she has left.

I only practice in Florida. If you are not in Florida, please go to to find an elder law attorney near you (I understand there is also a directory on this website as well).

Good luck to you!
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You start NOW.
Does the facility where you Mom is accept Medicaid? If so there is a good possibility if she has been private pay for a while they will keep her. If they do not accept Medicaid you also need to start looking for another facility that will. And there is a possibility that you may have to private pay for a while in a new facility before they will accept her Medicaid. (this might not be true of all and it might not be true if a person goes into a facility for rehab and remains as a Medicaid resident)
If the facility has a Social Worker you can work with them to help you. But contact Area Agency on Aging, Social Security where ever you can to begin the Medicaid process ASAP.
Also if she is a Veteran she may qualify for help through the VA
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Karsten Jan 28, 2019
Very good point Grandma. Many of my friends parents have been caught in this situation where they place they have been in for a long time does not accept Medicaid when they eventually qualify for Medicaid.

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