My 78 year old husband, who has Parkinson's disease and dementia, also had a stroke last year after a fall. Since that time he has gradually been in decline and his balance over the last month has become precarious. I cannot leave him in a room unattended as he will start to walk and then fall. He has had five falls this week even when I have been there as I am not always able to hold him up when he becomes deadweight. I am taking him to the neurologist on Monday for his three-month checkup. Hopefully he can walk with his walker although I do have a transport wheelchair that I could use. I can see a time in the not too distant future when he will be bedridden. How do you deal with getting medical care? I recognize that hospice could take over but am not sure that he is "there" yet. I would prefer not to put him into a nursing home. I do use about 85-90 hours of hired caregivers and plan to go that route for as long as I can.

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Talk to his doctor about that when you visit. Hopefully, there is a visring doctor service in your area.

You can as lso get ambulette s er rvice, whichvwill transfer a wheelchar bound patient to and from doc office.
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