I found out later and also they put him on two medications for Sundowning.
He had an allergic reaction to one which caused him to itch all over. After getting him home his Dr. and I figured it out and got him off one and he is doing great on the other one. It is right there in the side affects of the one we took him off that itching could be a side affect. Even our Pharm asked why he was on two different ones.

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What was the hospitalization for? Was it a geriatric psych assessment?
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If I were you I would want to know. I would ask them to notify you. Not sure they will honor your request but since you have had issues with reactions to meds I certainly don’t think it’s unreasonable for you to ask that they notify you before taking action.

You mentioned the pharmacist. Pharmacists are so knowledgeable. I have always spoken to my pharmacist if I have had questions about meds. I would continue to stay in contact with the pharmacist.

Years ago my aunt was given meds that a kidney patient should never have had. The meds were also at an extremely high dosage. My aunt went into a coma and died.

The pharmacist told my mom to sue the doctor. My mom said, “No, suing will not bring my sister back.” My aunt was only in her forties. She left two children behind.

Some mishaps with meds will not harm. Others are deadly. As medical power of attorney I feel you have a right to request to be kept informed.

I had an issue with the NH where my mom was for rehab. The LPN gave my mom a double dose of her Parkinson’s meds so she could save a trip back later in the evening. She admitted that to my mom. Can you imagine?

My mom is very sharp. She told her that she only took one pill. That is when the LPN told her to take it so she wouldn’t have to come back. I asked mom why didn’t she refuse to take it. The LPN told her that it wouldn’t hurt her and mom was afraid that she would get upset with her. She pressured old people to take double doses of meds. Horrible!

I was furious and spoke to the director of nursing and the social worker. I was happy with how they handled it. She admitted to them that she did it. They did not allow her to give drugs to my mom anymore.

Minor issues in nursing homes are normal but increasing meds, that’s unacceptable.

I spoke to the pharmacist to make sure mom would not be harmed by a double dose. The pharmacist said just one time would not hurt her but if it was a double dose repeatedly it would be bad.

The pharmacist told me if they did that to my mom that they were also doing it to others. The pharmacist told me to report it at once and I did.

Best wishes to you and your mom. I admire you for being a strong advocate for your mom.
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My MIL's NH calls me for everything and discusses the options and then I make the decision. However, MIL has no profound illnesses, mostly mood meds, thyroid, constipation. It's disturbing to hear they did this to you. Definitely time to have a follow-up call with those who mismanaged his meds.
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Shouldn't they have told you when he was discharged. Every time I've been through a discharged they run over the meds the patient is currently on. That includes meds from before and new meds. They run through this with whoever is there to deal with the discharge. Whether they have POA or not.
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Isthisrealyreal Feb 8, 2020
They do, but if you don't know what meds someone is on it doesn't mean anything.

I found that I had to check after ever in home health visit as well.
I was never told, I did verify what medication my dad was on regularly.

I think that they are crisis managing behaviors and they figure that they don't have to answer to anyone. That is why they ask for a complete history and allergies, they need to be able to treat the patient.

I asked for a print out of current meds after every hospital dealing and I went with him to all his appointments. I also kept a current list in his wallet for him in the event he had an emergency.
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