Florida Medicaid will exclude a home as an asset if the part of the couple who does not need nursing care stays in the home. In my case this is my mother. My concern is she passes away before my dad who is the party in the nursing home. How will this affect his eligibility for Medicaid?

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I would check on that again. It is probably excluded, but possibly a lien still placed to be paid when house is sold, both have passed, then liens would have to be paid as estate recovery or sale. That is what I would expect.
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I agree, it won't effect the surviving spouse, ur allowed a house even though there is no money. Like said, it should be sold for his care but it will have to be at Market value.
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worriedinCali Sep 29, 2018
But the surviving spouse is on Medicaid and in a nursing home. The house wouldn’t be exempt if he’s not going to return to the home.
Most likely the home will need to be sold and the proceeds used toward his care until that money is gone and then Medicaid will be used again. I’ve also seen families hold onto the home until both parents pass away, but then it’s subject to Medicaid coming after it then to pay back the money for the care
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