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Let me set this up. Stay with me. I'm going somewhere with this!

Mom is in memory care. I try to empower her by making sure she has a little cash on hand at all times. Why? Every week, friends from church kindly pick her up for Sunday services (I live 4 hours away), and Mom likes to put money in the offering plate. Sometimes they go out for lunch afterwards; therefore the cash. I don't give her a whole lot; just a handful of small bills to make her feel "rich." I also furnished her with a phone, but she rarely places a call. I think she's forgetting how.

Last week Mom managed to sort out the phone well enough to call me up. A few days prior I'd mailed her a small packet of personal items. It cost me $6.

Me: "Oh, hi Mom. How are you?"

Mom: "Why did you mail me this stuff? You should have brought it with you the next time you visit! It's too expensive! "

Me: "It's going to be a couple of weeks before I get back down there Mom. You needed those things right away."

Mom: "Well! I have to watch MY pennies around here, don't you?"

Me: "Okay Mom. I was just trying to make sure you had what you need."

Mom: "You should be more careful with your money! (Brief pause) I have to go, now."

Me: "Okay Mom, goodbye."

I hang up. Three minutes later the phone rings:

Mom: "Hello. Uh......." (can't remember my name).

Me: "Hi, Mom. What's up?"

Mom: "I called to tell you I can't find my cash! The people that work here stole it!"

My father was in assisted living for a few months when he complained to me "They expect you to CHANGE your clothing EVERY day!". The horror!!!
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My father doesn't talk much anymore, except, maybe one or two words. I never knew why, but he always eats with a spoon, never a fork. We were sitting at the table together. He, with his spoon & me, with my fork and he stopped eating & stared at me. Then, he proceeded to say, "If you used a spoon, you could get more." I thought I would fall off the chair laughing. I guess, that's why he always uses a spoon.
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Rosses003 Feb 23, 2019
Well, even though he doesn’t talk much, he thought that was definitely knowledge worth passing along!
We would definitely get more with the spoon! Lol
My almost 90 yr old dad has hallucinations and always sees horses out in the distance. One day he said “suzi-see the horses. You see the horses! Pointing to the roof of a building across the parking lot. I said “0h Dad-there are no horses. How would they get up on the roof? “ To which he replied, very matter of factly- “Guess they take the ramp”. Told me!
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Every Christmas evening the woman in our family go see a movie. We try to see one the men wouldn’t want to see. At the end of one of the movies, a man sitting in front of us said, “That was definitely a chick flick.” My mother said, “I agree with him. That movie was just like chicken wings. Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re not.”
We’re still shaking our heads from that one.
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While still at home, even though I had been helping my husband dress and groom for a while, one morning I was drinking coffee and in he walks, ready for the day in MY black leopard pants and silver touchdowns tailgates #traditions tee! The worst part was he’s lost so much weight that the pants fit! 😉 Too cute!
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I was walking recently with my 91 y.o. mom (dementia), and a little leaf blew along the sidewalk in front of us. My mom said, "Oh, hello!" and waved at it.

It was so cute I almost cried, but so enjoyed sharing a good laugh with her as we tottered along at a snail's pace. Things are so hard most of the time! Laughing was really a moment of grace.
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CantDance Mar 2, 2019
That is the cutest thing!
Aww that's so funny!

Went to see my Grandma one time and asked her how she was, what's new. She replied "a really sexy man washed my backside yesterday!"
I almost fell over! This Grandma of mine was always the properest little old English lady you can imagine! Now, boy, the filters are off!
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My late husband, shortly after his stroke which gave him dementia talked about watching the train outside his hospital window and all the passengers getting on and off it- hanging on the outside the train. There also was no train station anywhere near the hospital.
These days my mum is very concerned about the people cutting down and burning all the trees by her independent living apartment and making a lake.
I am so glad she is in a seniors complex. She moved in in June and They’ve already noted that she has issues, they have a assisted living area and a memory care area attached. I wanted her to go to AL in June but my brother and wife said no she’s fine.
Guess she wasn’t telling them of her neighbors tunneling towards her house at night.
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Okay, I am not sure if I should post this but trust me I was never able to forget it! Happened many years ago with my husband's deceased grandmother. It's a topic that is so common among the elderly!

I would take her shopping and out to lunch. I was young and in my 20's, she in her 80's.

Well, we ordered our lunch and the man seated next to us was just served his delicious lunch and commented to the waitress how good it looked. I asked her how she was feeling. I learned never to ask that question in a restaurant ever again. Why do the elderly feel compelled to tell others about bowel movements or lack thereof? Geeeez, the man at the neighboring table was just about to take a bite out of his food and she comes out with a hilarious answer saying, "Oh, I am not feeling to well, I have tightness of the stool!" She has a loud voice and I wanted to crawl under the table. The poor man next to us put his fork down and lost his appetite. Who wants to hear about constipation or diarrhea before eating? haha She had a crazy way of wording things!
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CantDance Mar 2, 2019
Need Help,

My mom does this too ...telling people about her "loose stools" at the dinner table! Ugh!
I was helping Mom with lunch today and I must have inadvertently yawned. She asked if I was tired and slept good last night (this was a particularly good day with her). I answered “Yes, I slept like a rock. I actually didn’t even wake up to go to the bathroom.” She asked “Oh, did you wet the bed?” I laughed so hard that the lady out in the hall heard us. It was a good day.
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