My mother needs Medicaid to afford long term nursing home care. My father would remain in the house. They may be turned down because of the savings they have in the bank. I was accepted last year for Medicaid coverage and I had about the same amount in my account that they have in theirs.


I don't understand this!

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Gremlin, go to your State's Medicaid website.

Your MOTHER will need to be under the Medicaid limit for income and assets. Moving assets between spouses is legal, but Dad is going to need a lawyer to do this properly so that he doesn't become impoverished.

This is NOT a do it yourself project. Get a CERTIFIED eldercare attorney. It will be the best money Dad every spent.
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An application for NH medicaid when there is a spouse who remain in the home is generally NOT a DIY project. Please encourage your father to consult with a certified Eldercare attorney for help with organizing his finances and completing the application.
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You are talking about nursing home Medicaid, right?  This is a different animal and has strict rules from other Medicaid.
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Different rules for health insurance verses long term care. Those savings will have to be spent down. You need to talk to Medicaid, assets when its a married couple are split only having to spend down for the spouse needing care. The remaining spouse will have enough to live on.
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Gremlin Aug 2018
Talking to nursing home admission again tomorrow and trying to get a straight answer.
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