My Mother has been living with dementia for 4 years. Her ability to make speech sentences is affected, she grinds teeth and just loves dancing to music uncontrollably. All her vitals are normal unless if she has flu or so. She was a teacher all her life and I am made to believe the condition is common among aged teachers. Please assist.

Tshepiso, oh regarding aged teachers more likely to get dementia, your Mom is still quite young at 74. Dementia can hit any demographic group.

I remember one time I heard that highly intelligent people will get dementia. Well, my Dad didn't start with sundowning until he was in his 90's. And his mother, who was a school teacher never developed dementia, and she lived into her early 90's.

My Mom's sister didn't develop dementia until she was 99. And my Mom didn't have dementia until she had a bad fall where she hit her head, then she was accelerated into last stage dementia at 98.

Sometimes as we age, we will normally have slight memory issues, and can't get our words out the way we want. I have that issue at 72. It is just harder for us to bring up a memory or remember someone's names because our brain's file cabinets are filled to the brim with everything we had learned. It just take time to find where that information is filed :P

With the younger generation using Google or talking boxes on their coffee table to get all their answers, instead of using their memories to remember things, it will be interesting to see what happens when they get older. Will memory issues be worse?
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Common among aged teachers? No.

Someone posted recently and I know this too, you have met one person with dementia, you have met one. This disease manifests in each very differently.

Each and every has their own manifestation. If we could group by profession, that would be so handy, but no.
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Tshepiso, I found this article that is helpful regarding the different stages of Alzheimer's/Dementia.
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