from 9 am to 1pm daily. 3 teenagers.
I know that the agencies charge $135.00 per hour for two people. They have a pool tennis court.

What would you charge.
Washington State. Wages here are very large. I have 22 years of banking, and 10 years caregiving.

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Livelifefull, what does your employment contact say will be your hours, wages, and that is expected of you line by line?

If hours have been cut, then some of the line items will also need to be cut.
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Cwillie, If it is an upper end home, house keepers managers are well respected and dependable and not paid at the lower end. I have two college degrees and a lot of knowledge in the banking field, and can assist them with many cost saving ways, or ways to increase their already found fortune. They did it on their own, no one handed them a thing. That is what I am proud of.
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It has been about two weeks. The wife has changed her mind again, and has reduced my hours two three hours a day, and I am a house manager, do everything and then some.
The reality is, they have more money that any of us, I believe on here would know what to do with.
Her husband is a very successful business manager, and he does not want to deal with petty issues like making sure I am an employee, I know I am, I saw my taxes taken out of my check, I call the state.
I found out his Executive Assistant which I know the role, it is tough when you have a hard boss, she did not have my address correct (no W-2), Name correct, Birthdate Correct)
And, the wife and I came to an agreement, and it is well understood.

Why do I stay, because I have been in this business for 9 years, there is the good the bad and the ugly.

Over all of the positions I have, (no one is dying), there fore the family is not there to judge your every move, and feel as if you are stealing there money. My sense from caring for the people I watched that were in elder care, although please that is just my experience.

This couple goes everywhere, is gone two weeks a month. I clean, believe me, when you have a 6300 square house a pool a tennis court and 10 acres there is a lot to do.

My husband is 10 years older than I and works all he can at his other executive job, and helps me out because this is a position, that we realize once the kinks are worked out could be the position I need for 13 years, until I retire, or if I ever retire.
Positive long term thinking.
I have been a mother's helper -- ok, depending on the mother.
I have been a Manager of Caregivers - It is like supervising children at the place I was at, constantly calling in sick, and I would have to cover double shifts
Elder care is very hard, someone eventually dies, in my personal situations, and that means of course the family is very distraught, and remember blood is thicker than water and you are just the caregiver.

This position is very different. They are very successful, and unfortunately for the children, they will grow up thinking their life is normal.
The father is gone to mid East two weeks a month, then they go on vacation, and also I care for the 3,000 square foot father's house.
There is a lot to do, never a dull moment, and I have realized when I look back at everything I do, I remember one thing, in the world of care, or household, you can be there one day, and gone the next.
I think this job is good, because they know they would never get what they have with me and my husband.
I am content.
Thank you for all of your support.
I continue to assist a few others, but have scaled way down, and am much more happy.
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sorry typos again..
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You need a job description that explains what is expected of you. No way you can do all this in 3-4 hors a day. I f htey want and you want FT with them that is one thing-renegoitate your salary or hourly-I would do under the circumstances. Get some online estimates of the avg cost of the jons you manager, claening, admim etc...then give them this amount added together or tell them you you can only do.......much and they van hire a housekeeper. Also excitedly tell them your husband has received a great job offer and can no longer help out unless they would like to match his new offer.......don't kill yourself it is too much for one person...sounds like they need a live in home manager!
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If I understand you correctly, they have withheld state and local taxes from your pay and have not sent this money to the state and federal government. This is a crime, punishable with fines and jail time. If they are treating you as a contract employee, they may not have to withhold, but that could also be a problem for them if the feds determine that you are an employee under the terms of your work arrangement. From what you have written, you would seem to be an employee and subject to withholding. Point this out to your employer and ask to see your pay stubs and your 1099 or W-2. If they don't follow the rules and pay you and your husband for all the hours that you work, it's time to move on to another job.
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Just stop having your husband come in, maybe he needs to have another job himself (not sure if you said if he was employeed full time or not). What does not get done, does not get done, period. In the meantime reassess, if you can find another job that offers you a more desirable quality of life vs pay, if you can take it. If you cannot find a more desirable job, then try to tweak the one you have. Give 100% for the hours you are there, and then walk away, even if some items are undone. You are an hourly worker, so that is the expectation - as a business man your boss should understand that.

Sounds like you are a skilled worker and a dedicated one. I hope you find a position elsewhere with good benefits were you are appreciated.
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well it has been a few months. i wrote in a different note, but my doctor wrote a note for me to start at 10:00 short term medical issue for 4 weeks. She the wife, stated no, and that she has reduced the hours to three, and my husband has stopped coming, and yes, I have been offered other jobs, I have just really been wondering what I wanted to do next.

In Washington State can an employer I am on the books not view a doctor.s note.
she wants from 9:30 12:30,

I know previously I said 4 hours in this upper not, she changed it to 5, and now has lowered it to 3 with the statement.

My husband just allows me to do what I do.

I was supposed to find a housekeeper in the beginning, and did not therefore they just found one for me and I really need to take a nap at 1:00pm.

I give up, moving on,

I have two other clients, but wow cwillie, you are so incredibly right, the bummer of it was, they said they would reimburse, never did. humm.

And the worst part, they have never shown me my paystubb I saw one, they said it was for them, and then I call the state department and they have not paid the monies I have paid into Federal Tax etc. into the State, Medicare, Social Security Etc.

Nice Wednesday huh!
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Maybe it is time for the children to learn about doing chores, like cleaning their own bathrooms. When they go out on their own, the housekeeper won't be going with them.
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Wow, you basically manage their entire household, do payroll, and volunteer your husband to do the extras they don't allow you the time to do? And they say your job has no value and you can easily be replaced? Why the heck do you stay? I would start with detailed summary of all the tasks you perform for these people, including the time spent on each. And STOP giving them extras for free, that includes any unpaid overtime and offering up your husband's labour. Why would they feel compelled to pay for something you seem willing to give away? If the tasks can't be completed in 4 hours so be it, they will have to wait until tomorrow cause you're punching out. They must sense that you are desperate to hold on to this job and feel no qualms about taking advantage of you. I've seen it time and time again, a worker goes above and beyond with no thanks or recognition, but the next person to take the job ends up getting all the extra help that should have been there all along. What should you charge? At the very least as much as your other job pays, and more for managing their hired help and for the skilled tasks like doing their books. Good luck.
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cwillie : The size of the home is absolutely relevant. It is a job that has one person, any one person, as I have a lot of energy set up to fail.
I have brought that up, and they are not accepting that statement.
We have a good relationship there, I just need to let them know again, the my husband is here to help because when they cut down my house as they told me, it was a job that probably needed more hours.

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Let me re ask that, since I was far too brief. One day, I will get this right. LOL

I work as a House Manager (pay all bills, do all of the work for the house, the plummer, etc call him when anything is leaking. Call the pool person for maintenance, call the ant man for the ants that are everywhere, and much more administrative work (about 50% more), each day it takes me 2 hours because beyond that. i clean the kitchen daily, clean the 3 great rooms every other day. clean the living room daily.
clean husbands and wives room daily the bathroom they have and the tup and shower.
once a week I go downstairs (actually twice) and clean 5 bathrooms, with 5 showers, and 1 large huge tv room.

What I am trying to figure is this. My husband has to come in and assist me 45 hours per month to get this done. It is virtually impossible for me to do all of this. Mainly because when I started they allowed this in 6 hours, and it was barely doable then. Now with 4 hours, it is not doable.

Rich has nothing to do with what I am asking.

I called some agencies, and they charge $135.00 for the first visit, and then after that they give a price which is outrageous.

I am a bit different than a housecleaner, because I do pick up the kids that are teens, take them here and there, and have a great relationship with them.

They pay me well. However, my thought or my feeling is, that there gets to be a point where they are using my husband, and the only reason it is him, is because he takes time out of his day to come and assist me. that is hard. So, I was talking to them, and they stated that there was no way that they would pay another person to work 45 hours a month.

I felt very odd about that. I do a lot, and I mean a lot. They are too this and that to look at the mail. This and that means "busy in their eyes" He pays his work employes where he is the founder and President, more than anyone would every believe, and vacation and healthcare, etc. his statement was "they offer me an investment" I could easily hire someone else to do what you do, as it is not an investment.

Wow.. I was kind of shocked by that. I have invested a lot of time with their children, when the parents are never home looking for them.

The daughters get very lonely 6th grade, 8the grade, and yes they are growing up, but it is a huge house, and I do not think they go downstairs where their bedrooms are. I have not seen them down there. I spend time with them, and pay attention to them, because I know that they are in a rough spot. They are the children, and they have no friends over, because they are not invited. etc.

Sorry went off on a tangent. But, what I am saying is this. With all of the administrative things that I do. (they have 10 acres and there is a horse ranch on there) and I do all the payroll for that part of their life.

I also do every single piece of paperwork that includes a need for action on it.

I think now I have better explained this. I have 22 years in the corporate world as an Executive Assistant, but I said that I had never cleaned a house that large but would try.

So, what I am saying is before they had 4 women for 4 hours a day. Doing just cleaning. They were so so I was told.

Now there is just me doing cleaning and many many other things that do not involve cleaning. He travels quite a bit, so there is a lot of expense reimbursement work to be done.

How do I best let them know that it was not our intention for my husband to volunteer forever. Why did we volunteer in the first place? Because I know in our area of life there are many professional woman and men, that do this for a living, and it requires
a lot of work, and I will have to disagree with you. I believe in my state caring for peoples own love and life (children) are unfortunately the lowest paid in this type of profession. I have done every type of caregiving there is, children giving, tween giving, ms giving, parkinson's giving, dementia giving, alzheimer's giving. So I have quite an extensive background.

What I am saying is that is it wrong (let us pretend that my husband is not there to help, he is busy), to ask them to bring someone in part time.

I feel bad that they compared me to an agency, as I have seen the women in the agency cars, and I AM NOT COMPARING, but I do not smoke, so when I show up, I am clean and would appeal to that client.

I just very much would care for either my husband (whom when he was working, was an Executive of a Company) to be reimbursed, or hire someone else, and have them assist. It simply is not fair, as back when we started this in November, it was a once every two week thing when he would come to assist me.

Now it is 3 times a week, because
1) I was very sick and he had to take over for two weeks. That would be normal ay for him, and he was not paid.
2) They always thank me for him offering to come and that is very nice of him.
He is coming because I would not be able to do the job, and I feel I should tell them something very politely and just not bring him, and not get the job done. But that is like they are purposely watching me fail. They knew for all the things they wanted me for 6 hours a day was perfect, and all the special projects, and the 52 drawers that they want me to look in once a week and if there is a food or bugs to vacuum they out of any drawer.

I hope that makes sense.

So. if I have to bring someone in 45 hours a month, should they get paid, and cleaning people with very little experience in Seattle get between $15.00 and $30.00 per hour. How besides being direct, should I bring up the topic that this house and the other duties with payroll, bill paying, calling the plumber, electrician, the electric lock company, the security company, the maintenance lawn service, the garage door man, the pool man, and on and on.

Thank you.

PS That is from 9:00 - 1:00. I also work from 2:30 - 7:00 at another job. House management, bill payer, and do no housework, and the pay is $5.00 per hour more than this one. I know that this will be tricky, and that they might, and I say might find someone else, because they are very spoiled with me there and I do great.
Advice always welcome.
Life is a journey, it is going to take me this life to learn how to write all my words properly.

Have a very happy F R I D A Y!!!!!!!
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It all depends on how long it would take to clean a house.... how many people living in that house..... how messy or super neat.... if there are pets to deal with and how much they shed.... if you need to deal with ladders for those extra tall rooms to catch the cobwebs.... wash the floors or wax them.... if you clean weekly, every two weeks, or just once a month.
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Most housekeeper actually earn $10-12 per hour. Agencies rates include insurance, taxes, travel time, machinery, supervision and materials.
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Other than pointing out that the family is well to do I don't think the size of the home is really relevant. Essentially you are working 4 hours a day as a housekeeper, right? I assume the teens are in school during those hours, so other than contributing to the mess you are not dealing with them? Housekeepers tend to be paid at the lower end of the scale, if you are caregiving then the rates would vary according to your qualifications and the degree of caregiving needed.
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You mention housekeeping, not specialized caregiving. $135 per hour is very high for either. I do not doubt wages are high in your area, but that sounds too high. Housekeeping in FL is about $15 per hour, caregiving from an agency about $20.
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