My mother had been in an assisted living facility, but was transferred to a hospice. (She is the one referred to in the "Doppelgänger" question I posted months ago.) A lawyer I work with claims patients sent to hospice facilities live, on the average, 15 days in such facilities, then they die there. Is there any basis for this notion?

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Sorry you are having to come to terms the reality of losing your mother. I know that’s a hard reality.

Hospice patients are very ill and thus close to the end of life. 15 days- 4 days - 2 months- whenever- time isn’t usually an issue because once Hospice is in place you have the privilege of choosing to allow your loved one to pass comfortably with their needs being provided at end of life with the support of the Hospice team.

Yes its it’s hard to lose a parent. Enjoy her while you can. The goal is comfort.
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Hi, Dougie. Hope you are taking care of your health through all this. Please keep us updated.
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Thanks for the fact, this lawyer lost his own mother not long ago and it is likely he is using that analogy...
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Is there reason for her to go to a Hospice facility? I know that most of the ALs that I know have Hospice agency reps, nurse, aid, social worker, etc. come to the facility to work with the resident. I don't know much about the Hospice facilities. You could check it out, if you're interested. I wouldn't trust some blanket statement about facilities without some kind of proof to back it up. The statement in itself seems to indicate some kind of bias, so, I'd try to get more objective information. Plus, as Barb says, people who enter Hospice are terminally ill. They are expected to die soon, so, complaining of a dying person dying seems curious to me.
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Dougie, it's good to hear from you!

Hospice is for patients at the of their lives. Usually, when a patient enters a Hospice facility or starts receiving Hospice care, they are very, very ill.

That's why they don't live very long, not because they are not getting good care.
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