My mother is 94 and has macular degeneration as well as hallucinations. Sometimes they are good ones, but there are also bad ones that keep her up all night. I was told to take her to a psychiatrist, but am having problems finding one on her insurance plan and that works with the Elderly.

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For a primary care provider I think your mom deserves a geriatrician. Then that doctor would be the starting place for any symptoms. He or she would probably refer Mom to another kind of specialist for certain symptoms. Since hallucinations could be caused by a number of different things, starting with a geriatrician makes sense to me. If it is a uti that doctor can deal with it. If it is possible dementia, mom will probably be referred to a behavioral neurologist.

I wanted to see a geriatric psychiatrist myself but could not find one who accepted Medicare. I understand how hard that is! But start from a geriatrician and take referrals from there.
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I don't know if the hallucinations are associated with macular degeneration, but her opthamologist should. Why not check with them and ask for a psych referral.

I would also discuss with her primary physician. They can do some evaluation and referral. They can review her meds to see if they are causing it or check her for a urinary tract infection that could cause strange dreams.

Are there any teaching hospitals near you?

Go online to your mom's health insurance company's site and look for In-network providers or call and ask the ins. co.

Also, most hospitals have a psychiatrist that is affiliated with them. Call around to get their names.

You might also see if a neurologist might help. My cousin saw one when her dementia rapidly progressed.
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A regular psychiatrist should be ok. Your mother probably would do ok with seeing a neurologist. Someone with macular degeneration need to see an eye doctor who does more that prescribe eye glasses.

You will find both good and bad doctors in basically every field. I wish you well.
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