My mother is 91 and she strained her neck. We saw the doctor and after much testing and x-rays, etc. he said that she has "some" arthritis there. He said that her pain threshold is low, as it is for many of the elderly, and that is why she moans and groans all the time. I respect that she has pain and I feel awful about it. What I don't know is what to tell my grandchildren when they are here. They are 3 and 7 years old and this especially frightens the 7 year old. My mother will be going for a shot in her neck, but I am wondering how to approach the children. Thank you for your help

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An hour before the kids arrive I would give Mom the maximum acceptable pain reliever of your choice.
I have read a few posts today about elders in pain! Do what you can to minimize her discomfort if she has not yet been taken for the shot.
Each child will have a different emotional experience depending on the child's personality: some will be fearful, some won't care, maybe a sensitive one will be traumatized. That's why I'm suggesting give her something to dull the pain. Why put little kids through this? Tylenol 500 mg is effective.
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I would tell them the truth in words that a child can understand. Older folks are mysterious to young children. I remember how I felt about the very old growing up. Our job is to humanize older people. Perhaps telling the children that granny has a sore neck and groans when it hurts her will make them feel empathy. Most children know what pain feels like. We cry as children and groan as adults.

I hope that the shot will work for your mother. I know having neck pain is awful.
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