This is the complaint I get a lot from my other family.

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There are soft water proof pads, small blanket size, that are used in NH's. You may even find these in colors that will blend in.
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You can purchase durable cloth waterproof, washable, reusable bed protectors (nice and large 30"x34") at Walgreens for about $13 (Sold in a box with one per box) or from medical supply places, and all over the internet.
Get one for each of the main chairs that mom uses and a few for her bed... and maybe even for the floor (if she is stable on her feet and won't trip on it) as getting up in the morning can be leakage time from a soaked brief.
They wash up and dry great (what nursing homes use) and you can have a few extra on hand while the soiled ones are in the washing machine.
I used them for my mom's wheelchair, in the passenger seat of my car, where ever she would sit.
I spaced out the purchases... but was VERY glad for backup pads. Mom is in a memory facility that uses similar ones. (I still have the ones I got for her from Walgreens here at my home in storage.... as ya never know when it will come in handy again.)
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bettina Mar 10, 2019
Oops, didn't see your answer. Better info btw :)
I don’t mean to be rude but I will be blunt. Are they idiots?
theres plenty of gear out there for this especially if it’s just short term. Get the good quality and shame them by taking it with you when your Mum visits. And never be embarrassed or apologise.
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worriedinCali Feb 19, 2019
I’m sure they are not idiots. It sounds like they have no experience with this so how on earth would they know that there is gear out there? Where does the OP say mom is being shamed? I’m far from an idiot and if someone was coming in to my home that had an issue with leaking urine, I would break out the left over puppy training pads I’ve saved for some odd reason. I have no idea what the other options are because I’ve never dealt with this kind of thing. That doesn’t make me an idiot.
i had a furniture sales person mention that she used the re useable pet pee pads . I haven’t checked on them yet so I don’t know about price but I thought it was an alternative worth checking on .
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Bgul913 Feb 19, 2019
Hi Hickmalj. I have used the reusable wee wee pads (I bought them on Amazon), for my dog. They are amazing. No leaking, and they are machine washable and dryable. I since lost my pup, but, I saved the resuable pads.
They would work very well for mom Geewisdom and they are inexpensive too. I have not seen them in a store. I don't buy items from a pet store, way over priced, but I would look on Amazon.
Best of luck.
I have been using bed pads and recently started to change to the peapodsmats.
You will have to check them regularly. The peapodsmats are washable. Expensive but washable.
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