She has Congestive Heart Failure. She might have pneumonia. She has low breathing. Was told they will stabilize her then discharge her. That her main problem is the breathing. Never had anyone in any kind of hospice before.

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Edit: Hospice services can be provided in a HOSPITAL while the patient is stabilizing
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I agree with GA. The best way to learn what to expect is to talk to the hospice provider directly. They also usually have booklets that are helpful.

In general, your mother will not receive any medications or treatments aimed at "curing" her. All efforts will be geared toward keeping her comfortable, pain free, and with minimal anxiety. A very helpful aspect of hospice is that they cut through red tape. If they think Mom needs a certain mattress pad or geri chair to be comfortable, or a certain medication, wham, she'll have it within hours.

Most people who have your mother's conditions would die within 6 months. That doesn't mean that your mother will, but that is the general expectation on hospice.

A person on hospice cannot be left alone, but must have competent care. Be sure the hospice staff understand that your brother cannot handle responsibility for her, and that there is no one else who could stay with her at her home. Hospice services can be provided in a hospice while the patient is stabilizing, in a facility especially for hospice patients, or in a nursing home.

A hospital is not set up to provide long-term care. It sounds like this hospital has a unit for short-term hospice care. You mother will be discharged from there. That does not mean she has to go home -- just that she has to be in a place that is set up for long term care (expected to be less than 6 months, but possibly extended beyond that).

I would imagine that your mother will be discharged to a nursing home, and will receive hospice care there. I think your responsibilities will be very limited. Hospice (and the NH) will see to it that she has the appropriate drugs and equipment and supplies. She will not be leaving to go to appointments. Your only role will be to visit.

This can be a very stressful time, but I hope you can feel some relief that your mother will be in good hands and your role can be very small.

Do talk to the hospice folks to get a more exact sense of what happens next.
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Hospice can be anywhere. Just hold her hand and tell her whatever is on your mind. She can still hear you.
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Have you thought about asking the staff directly? It's the best way to get answers.
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