Grandma is living with her son, his wife, and their toddler. Grandma's drinking is completely out of control. She left the refrigerator open while the rest of the family was away for a few days.... all the food spoiled. She is still driving and is becoming more and more demanding. If the problem were only drinking, or only mid-stage AD, it might be easier to solve. Does anyone have advice about what to do?

Mid stage ALZ? Don't think she should have been left alone at this stage. If its you in this situation, Mom needs to be in a LTC facility. Not an AL, they are not equipped to care for an alcoholic. She may need a Physic hospital till she dries out. This woman should not be driving. Take her keys away and hide the car. Do the key thing in such a way you can tell her she lost them. The car? If her ALZ is this advanced, out of site maybe out of mind. You can tell her its in the shop.

I too would not want this person around a toddler. If she hits anyone, call the police and have them remove her. She can be held for 72 hrs for a physic eval. Then hopefully to the right place to dry out. Do not take her back into ur home.
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I think you already know what needs to be done. Grandma needs to be someplace other than where she is. She’s driving drunk. To add to that she has a mental disease. This makes my blood run cold when I think of my children and grandbabies out there on the road with someone like Grandma. Has everyone she’s living with put their heads in the sand over this and decided to ignore what obviously needs to be done? How is that baby being raised in an environment like that? What Grandma demands and wants is secondary to what she needs. If she refuses to go, emergency services should be called to get her out of the house, taken to the ER and from there be sent to a facility to dry out and be evaluated for further treatment. Someone may need to file for emergency guardianship for her.

If you have any say in this situation, you need to speak up now.
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Sounds like it isn't working out with Grandma living with this family. (And is the daughter-in-law the one who is doing the brunt of the care, as so often happens?)

Is this a relative of yours?
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Her son may still be in denyal. It is the alcoholism that is hard to control. The thing that may be useful is if someone , maybe you, contacts child protective services that a toddler is livi g in this situation.
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