I hope my profile is posted. lt is a classic comic/tragedy of distant family sweeping down in greedy entitlement on dutiful Family Care Givers. Family Care is keeping elders safer, more comfortable and healthy while saving public funding of nursing homes where very few ever elect to reside.

I have read VERY similar posts in testament to the crying need of assistance to all caregivers by acquainting themselves to their needs and concerns, increased public awareness, scrutiny, opinion, oversite by elder associations and increasing legislative action.

The future of eldercare, and economics do not wait for the unprepared.

Family Home Care is a tidal wave trending.

Working class estates cannot afford yearly cost of care at

$48,000 ALF, and $100,000 SNF. As RN 20 years in Rehab/LTC/Home Care, we know that NOBODY wants residency there, few visit family there consequently there are sad prayers, and lonely tears in every corner.

It is a multi-cultural and inter-generational duty and exemplified to by a minority, throughout civil family history, that home care, is honor to parents and family in need.

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Let's start again. One issue at a time. We can help you sort it out. Gather your composure. Deep breath.

Without this forum, I would not have survived. Let's start over. Mulligans granted.
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See ur D, click on it and there is ur profile info. Sorry, seems very confusing.
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