She has dementia, not too advance, but she consider me as an enemy cursing and yelling all day. Her dementia is advancing pretty fast in the last 4 month. Mom is just yelling, sometimes even 13h per day at me, she wants to go back home. That home does not exist anymore, she has nowhere to go. I am the only child and relative she has. Latest she was threatening to put the house on fire, and brake everything what is in the house. She is very verbally aggressive. Can barely walk anymore. I tried all options I new asking for some help and was declined. She does not have any kind of insurance as follow, and from what I earn from my job I am not able to pay out of the pocket. Is there any advise I can get? Thank you.

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You said her dementia was not too advanced but it sounds pretty advanced to me. I agree with pam in that you should talk to her Dr. to see about getting her on some medication to help keep her calm.

This sounds very difficult for you and I hope you can get it resolved with the proper medication.
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You have two options, either get her on medications that will calm her down, or pursue involuntary commitment. Texas is pretty strict about that, requiring clear and convincing evidence that she will harm herself or others. I would recommend videotaping her outbursts or calling 911 when she threatens to set the house on fire. While that sounds extreme, if the fire department sees and hears these threats, it would be documented as coming from someone impartial and professional. You are not doing this to be punitive, but to get her help.
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