My father has Alzheimer's and I need to put him into a facility. His wife also would be with him. How do I place him against his will? He refuses to leave his home, but it is necessary for him to have help. He simply cannot take care of himself any longer. I live in California, he lives in Boulder City Nevada. I have POA.

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Sad it is ,my heart goes out to you and your family.
You live in California.Your father lives in Nevada.Your his POA and live that far away from him?What good is your POA if you live so far away from each other?How do you care/manage your father as his POA when you live so far away?
Do you fly once a month to manage his bills and needs that I'm sure is costly.
Can you move closer to your dad to care for hime.As move in with him or have Dad move to you?Sounds like he needs a live in caregiver.If he isn't willing to go to a nurcing home.Forcing him into a nurcing home without his free will.Will bring issues to you and your father's relationship.Living that far away from each other answers my next question.
My guess from what I read your father is incompatent.The next question is,what type of POA do you have?Is it Durable?Or Springing?
I would say you need to apply for guardenship.Requires going in front of a judge with your father.I wouldn't want to face my father after removing his right's.That's a big step with coming issues.Depends on your relationship.Placing a love one in a nurcing home isn't a fast easy step if their not welling.Requires baby steps in a nice slow way.Fast causes issues.
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Go to A declaration of incompetence is issued in Surrogate's court after a complete examination by a qualified psychiatrist. Don't count on his wife being in the same facility, each patient is evaluated separately. Nursing Homes will refuse any patient who is aggressive or assaultive, for the safety of all concerned.
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