We have to chose to eat or not. My husband has Parkinson's, diagnosed in 2006, in stage 3 and I am in my 70's also with diabetes and stage 3 kidney disease. I can't keep up with all out alone. He has no muscle use in his arms or legs anymore. We have no one to help us.

I am so sorry, GeorgiaPine. What an extremely difficult situation for the two of you.

My first thought is checking with your Area Agency on Aging to see if there is anything available that could ease the burden at all. Looking online, I see this:

On that website, if you click on "Caregiver Program", a few different things are listed including a caregiving info/assistance program that could possibly be helpful. The contact phone is (706) 650-5629.

Also, on the Columbia County website I see a mention of a Senior Center that, among other things that probably aren't helpful to you right now, does apparently home deliver meals for those in need. Might be worth checking into as well:

Another thought I'm having is if you've considered reaching out to either your or your husband's main medical provider, With the issues you both have, it seems like a crisis is brewing. You definitely need more help and support and I hope you can find something or someone to help.

Blessings to you both.
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