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A fiduciary. Often banks can work in your behalf as well. Can you give us more information? Are you asking about financial help, about living help, about medical POA help? More info would be so helpful.
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Options for what, housing, home care, rides, shopping and food prep, balancing the cheque book?

A personal example, my Mum at 85 is POA for friends who are a similar age. Although the couple has 2 children, one lives overseas and the other over 1000 miles away. Mum has helped organize the sale of their home, getting them settled into nursing homes, taking on caring for their cat and much more. Doctor's appointments, banking, lawyer appointments to sell the house. Calling creditors, selling vehicles etc. Basically taking care of everything involved in getting two seniors with different medical needs settled into nursing homes, and clearing out a hose for sale.

Do you have someone you trust who can help you? It does not have to be family.
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BeaSmooth, there are a few really good options. It all depends if the senior can budget the cost.

One option is to hire caregivers to come into the home for one or three shifts. It depends on what the senior needs help with. This can become very expensive. My Dad had this, and it worked out very well for him.

Second option is to move to a 55+ community that has options for senior help later down the road. Such as having an assisted living building on-site. The cost depends if one purchases their condo or rents.

Third option is to move to a senior facility into Independent Living. My Dad eventually did that and he had a nice size 2 bedroom, full size living room, and full size kitchen apartment. The facility had weekly housekeeping and linen service as part of the rent. Plus one meal in the restaurant styled dining room [or one could opt for all 3 meals at a cost]. Dad was happy as a clam being there among people of his own generation. The women were all dressed in their Sunday best for dinner :) Rent was around $5k a month.

Fourth option is Assisted Living. My Dad eventually moved to that stage as he needed Memory Care. His apartment was the size of a college dorm room. He had daily housekeeping and linen service, plus 3 meals in the dining room. He also liked this section of the facility. Rent was between $6k-$7k per month.

If funds are an issue, then the senior can contact Medicaid [which is different from Medicare] to see what programs are available for them in their State. Medicaid will pay for room/board and care in a nursing home.
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