My father is in another state and is mostly disabled. He has been in and out of hospitals and rehabs for issues relating to his bout with throat cancer. He is also an alcoholic. He falls repeatedly and either calls and demands his neighbors help him or calls 911. He refuses to go to assisted living. He is in a 3 story house and has a chair lift for the stairs. My question is what legal remedies do I have to get him into an assisted living facility? He is living in a house that his friend owns and is living rent free, much to the chagrin of the owner, but she feels bad about evicting him.

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Unless you have your father declared incompetent in a court of law and become his legal guardian- you are not in a
position to have your father do anything against his will.

Your best option for now is - once he is in the hospital make sure the doctors and especially- the hospital social worker understand that there is no one in his home to provide for his care - that in fact, he is living alone.

The hospital folk are unlikely to release him to return to an unsafe environment and would probably transfer him to a care facility for rehab as he recovers. This will buy you a bit of time to pursue your next move.

Best of luck!
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