I have POA and facility went behind my back and had his SS check be sent directly to them instead of the bank. He is not being properly taken care of. He fell out of his wheelchair last night at midnight, had a HUGE knot on he forehead and arms cut up. No one took care of his arm until this afternoon.He is constantly wet with urine when I go to visit. Now they are suing me for his outstanding balance which they were supposed to be transporting him to the bank to get the money to pay them.

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They did transport him to the bank but failed to do so for several months. They forgot they told me was the reason that they did not take him.
I spoke with the DON in the past about the issues and at the quarterly meeting that were held for him.
SS told me that the dr deemed him mentally imcompetant for his financial affairs. I spoke to the dr and he denied that he did.
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You're telling us about two separate issues, yes? The first one, improper care, calls for a meeting with staff and a conference that lets them know they have been remiss, and their neglect of your friend is unacceptable. At the very LEAST you should have been called.

Now on to your second issue. Nursing homes don't transport patients to their bank so they can get paid. Use his funds. Pay their bill. Or relinquish your power of attorney to someone else.

Without your friend's signature, the NH could not have changed his SS from depositing to his account to depositing to theirs. Unless he has been declared incompetent, they did nothing wrong.
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