My Mother has Macular Degeneration and needs injections in her eye to prevent blindness. We have delayed as long as possible and I'm taking her out for that appointment and another. She will then stay with me (socially isolating) for 14 days, get tested for Covid and go back to her ALF room - initially the plan was she would be free to go about in the facility. But they have changed it stating new CDC guidelines and she now needs to quarantine in her room until they order a second test and get results 2 to 7 days later. So not sure what the total time in her room will be. I am wondering how it is in other facilities. Can you please include your state if you answer? My concern is her mental health in this level of restriction. And, I know there are facilities where this has been the case from day one of lockdown. It's so hard.

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Covid has just finally entered the Assisted Living my bro was in until his recent death. Just now. And in a person who had a fall, went to ER and was diagnosed there. That despite careful checking, temps and so on. DO AS THEY SAY is all I can say. And if you are the type who prays, then do that as well.
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At my dad's AL if he leaves the building for a medical appointment he will be restricted to staying in his apt for 14 days on his return. They've had no one infected so far, even though it's in a hot spot area, and they want to keep it that way. I've been very pleased with their precautions
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