I don't know what it is called but it is not a seizure. He is having what looks like a seizure. We have had him checked for seizures but he isn't having them, he has been tested. He also has a deep brain stimulator.

I am unable to answer that question but when my Mom was in a Nursing Home I found out a very interesting thing about Parkinson's. Do you know that a person although having issues walking if they can dance and you put on music and they are able they can dance like crazy. There was a man in my Mom's home that had Parkinson's, he could barley make it around walking. I saw him one day, you could tell he was a dance in his early age. They use to play dancing games and they put the music on and to my amazement his feet were going like crazy. He could dance all over the place. I questioned the head of memory care and she told me it was a mystery about Parkinson's, they may not be able to walk but they sure can dance!!! It was so cool to see
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Try reading up about DYSTONIA to see if you think that is what you are seeing.

"Dystonia occurs when the muscles repeatedly or continuously contract and cause repetitive or twisting movements. The sustained muscle contractions are painful, and dystonia can cause abnormal movements or postures. Many different conditions can cause dystonia, including Parkinson’s disease (PD). An estimated 40% of people with PD experience dystonia as a symptom of their condition or as a side effect of treatment" (
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Does the patient have a home health nurse line that you could call for assistance? I think if you are unsure what's going on with him, I would contact a family member, his doctor, or go to urgent care/ER.
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