How can we negotiate rent increases?
Sign a Lease?
If we live here for many years, can we get a lower rent increase instead of increasing rates to market value?
Many landlords will do that.
Any other suggestions for this vulnerable population?

Is it ethical to pass on the Oregon CAT tax to seniors at an independent senior living facility? How can we negotiate that?

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Senior independent living is normally a choice. Like other rentals, the landlord should be able to increase the rent as desired, at least in the situations I've known, as long as legal notice is given, since the tenant always has the option of moving. Perhaps there is specific law on this in Oregon; check with your state representative or state senator.

The federal COVID restrictions re renters involve the landlord's not being able to evict tenants for non-payment of rent because the tenant has lost income (due to COVID,. I believe). It doesn't specifically involve rent increases. If the increase means the tenant cannot pay the rent, then the federal mandate may hold re evictions; I do not know and don't want to venture a guess! However, unless there is something in the lease, being a long-term tenant would not protect you against rent increases. When I was a long-term tenant, I did have some landlords who did not raise the rent or raised it very little, but it was courtesy and a result of the landlord's wanting to keep me as a tenant. Legally, the rent could have been raised.
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Frebrowser May 11, 2021
Oregon does limit rent increases to a certain percentage plus inflation.

I don’t know if the limit applies to independent living places where there are a number of services bundled in with the rent.
I see where this is a business tax. What I read is it can be passed on to customers. But are residents customers?
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It has nothing to do with ethics, ethics are subjective. Is it legal? Yes, there is nothing prohibiting it in the law.
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